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28 years    3 states    30+ companies

Top performer with masterful organizational skills and sharp eye for detail. Always willing to go beyond expectations and put in the hours needed. Able to prioritize various duties and projects in a fast-paced environment. Has workflow management experience and can manage a team while working independently and productively on my own responsibilities. Has managed many teams, including a team of 25, covering 3 shifts. Able to fit into any organization and be effective immediately due to 15 years of full-time freelancing. Am energetic, professional and friendly. Experienced in online courseware, retail preprints, catalogs, brochures and sell sheets, print and digital ads, direct mail, packaging, signage, invites and presentations. Have worked on many famous brand names and large accounts in many industries: aerospace, education, health and beauty, food and beverage, restaurant, automotive, fashion & jewelry, banking, entertainment, telecommunications, retail commerce, toys, manufacturing, pro audio, sports and electronics. Former resident of Dallas/Ft. Worth and Los Angeles; currently in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Over 28 years in and still loving it!

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